Rescue Pet Agreement

Homebound Pups Rescue Animal Adoption Agreement:

Thank you for choosing to adopt! By doing so, you have helped save this animal’s life. Unable to find loving forever homes, millions of animals are euthanized each year. Homebound Pups is committed to doing its part to rescue as many of them as possible by matching them up with safe and healthy homes.

When you adopt a dog  from us, it has been examined for general health and received the necessary vaccinations appropriate to the animal’s age prior to delivery. While Homebound Pups will provide you with all information provided to us about your rescue animal, we cannot guarantee age, breed, temperament, or future health. Once you adopt a rescue animal from Homebound Pups, you agree to assume all responsibilities for the animal.

Please read and acknowledge acceptance of the following items:

I understand and agree that:

  • I am taking full responsibility for this animal’s well-being upon delivery.
  • I will pay for all medical expenses for my new pet  upon delivery.
  • Homebound Pups does not make any guarantees as to the health, temperament, mental disposition, or training of the animal. I hereby adopt this animal at my own risk.
  • I agree to take my rescue animal to a licensed veterinarian within seven days after delivery.
  • I will not receive reimbursement for medical claims related to any illness, condition, or injury of the animal after the signing of this agreement
  • If for any reason, I am unable to keep the animal I will contact Homebound Pups immediately and the animal shall be shipped back to Homebound Pups at our discretion, space permitting. I agree to pay a $300 return fee to cover partial shipping costs. The original purchase price of the rescue pet will not be refunded.
  • I certify that all animals in my home are current on their vaccinations and heartworm prevention.
  • I will care for the animal humanely (not kept outside for unreasonable amounts of time or in bad weather, given adequate exercise and mental stimulation, let out to the bathroom frequently/as needed, provide fresh food and water, etc.).
  • I will never crate the animal for more than 8 hours at a time.
  • I will never leave the animal unattended in a vehicle.
  • I will not let the dog off leash outdoors unless in a secure fenced in area and will obey all leash laws.
  • I will never breed the animal (if not already spayed or neutered at the time of adoption).
  • I will not euthanize the animal (unless due to old age or at a vet’s recommendation due to medical issue) without first notifying Homebound Pups.
  • I will take precautions for the safety of myself, the animal, and others when introducing it to new people, animals, or places.
  • I will provide appropriate training to modify any behavioral issues including, but not limited to housebreaking accidents, urine marking, chewing, barking, digging, aggression, and biting.
  • I will never use harsh physical discipline and will never physically abuse the animal.
  • I will never abandon the animal, nor will I give, sell, or transfer ownership of the animal to any person or organization.
  • I understand that I will not receive a refund under any circumstances once adoption is complete.
  • Homebound Pups does not guarantee age, breed, temperament, or future health of rescue animal.
  • Homebound Pups will not be held liable for any unknown misrepresentations regarding the ownership status of a rescue animal.
  • I fully and completely release Homebound Pups, Inc., its founders, employees, and volunteers from any and all claims and liability, including, but not limited to: defects or illnesses the dog may have or develop; injury or damage to the persons, property, or other household pets which may be caused by the animal. I further agree to indemnify and hold Homebound Pups, Inc. harmless against all claims and liability including, but not limited to those asserted by third parties for any injury or damage to persons or property caused by the animal.

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